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Gridline's grantor ghost guide

An entrepreneur who was the first to bring an innovative lasergaming concept to the UK is planning to scare the life out of his customers.

David Pointin is set to build on the success of his Lasergaming Oxford business with a hair-raising Halloween special.

The 50-acre site, usually home to outdoor action, strategy and team gaming, will be taken over in the run-up to Halloween fright night by zombies and ghouls.

laser gaming
The laser area will be transformed for the twilight zombie battles

David, who believes the future of his concept lies in putting people into a real-life video game, said: “We’ll take the usual laser games we run and adapt them into teams made up of apocalypse survivors. The game is as good as the imagination of its creator.”

David Pointin Oxford Lasergaming
David got the Halloween idea for the grantor land after working on a horror movie premiere

Visit www.outdoorlaser.com and check back at gridline.nationalgrid.com in a few weeks to find out more about David’s business and how he is aiming to give grantors a financial fillip.

Meanwhile if you’re looking for something a little more macabre, here are a few suggestions…

Buckinghamshire: Get spooked underground at the Hell-Fire Caves in West Wycombe

Paranormal investigators from around the world flock here to hunt for ghosts in a series of hand-carved underground tunnels and chambers.

The spooky site started life as a natural cave system but was extended to include secret corridors in 1752. Chanting has been heard in the Inner Temple and it’s said that Benjamin Franklin (a regular visitor in the 1750s) still haunts some of the rooms. Candlelit tours take place throughout the year.

Parchment for ghost tour

The Blair Street Vaults guide

Edinburgh: Explore the city’s shadowy streets and haunted vaults

Explore Edinburgh’s scariest streets on a two-hour ghost walk through the city led by a cloaked storyteller. The highlight of the route is a tour of the haunted Blair Street Vaults, a maze of underground tunnels and nooks used as storage for smugglers and a hideout for criminals. It was the site of many murders and illegal medical experiments and several ghostly sightings have been reported.

Wales: Tour the most haunted house in Wales

Between Wrexham and Mold in north Wales, Plas Teg is a Jacobean country house that dates back to 1610. It’s said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Wales with no fewer than 15 ghosts lurking in the hallways and corridors. It served as a private residence for more than 400 years and was used as a local courthouse where people were tried and hung. The sound of loud wailing is often heard throughout the house. It’s open to the public on Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays or you can book a paranormal tour with a ghost hunter on specific dates throughout the year.

Yorkshire: The spooky Golden Fleece pub in York

Said to be the most haunted pub in Britain, the Golden Fleece in the heart of York is said to be home to 14 resident spirits. Built in 1503, this tiny pub sits opposite the Shambles and forms part of York’s Terror Trail, a ghoulish ghost walk that explores the city’s dark side.

Golden Fleece pub in York

Sightings have been reported of Lady Alice Peckett (the wife of former owner and one-time mayor, John Peckett); One Eyed Jack, a pistol-toting local and a number of Roman soldiers in the cellar, where dead criminals were once kept.

London: Explore the Hunterian Museum after dark

The Royal College of Surgeons-owned Hunterian Museum near Lincoln’s Inn Fields in central London is a modern day chamber of horrors of 3,000 anatomical, pathological and zoological specimens. Explore after dark as part of a special Halloween event where you can join a ‘pickle a part’ workshop.

Cornwall: Explore Bodmin jail after dark with a resident medium

Looming over the town of Bodmin in north Cornwall, this imposing jail was built by Napoleonic prisoners of war in 1779. It held more than 150 prisoners and witnessed 55 executions, with the last hanging taking place in 1909. The creepy corridors and claustrophobic cells are said to be haunted by former prisoners protesting their innocence and rattling keys. Explore after dark with the jail’s resident medium and hunt for ghosts in the spookiest spots. The tour finishes with a three-course meal in the former Governor’s Hall.

Northumberland: Spend the night at Britain’s most haunted hotel

According to the Poltergeist Society, the Schooner Hotel in Alnmouth is officially Britain’s most haunted hotel with reports of more than 3,000 sightings of more than 60 individual spirits.

Beware of the ghosts sign

This 17th-century coaching inn can count Charles Dickens and King George III as former guests but it’s the smugglers, murderers and vagabonds that spent the night here who are said to haunt the rooms. www.theschoonerhotel.co.uk/welcome-to-the-schooner-hotel

Lancashire: Visit the site of England’s most famous witch trial 

An hour north of Manchester, Pendle Hill is the site of the most famous witch trial in English history. In 1612, women were hung for crimes including witchcraft and murder and the site is now said to be so haunted that locals refuse to walk on the hill after dark.


Join a guided tour to hear about the area’s terrifying history and leave plenty of time to explore the surrounding villages and soak up the stunning Lancashire scenery.

Shropshire: Get spooked in a 12th-century hotel  

Once home to Prince Rupert, the grandson of King James I, this charming 12th-century hotel is reputedly haunted by the spirit of a jilted bride said to have hanged herself after being left by her groom on their wedding night. Previous guests have also reported seeing former maids lurking in the corridors and rooms.