News and project updates

Barafundle Bay

A green and pleasant land

Some of the UK's best views

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National Arboretum

Never forget

New centre will keep heroes' memories alive

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sea monster

Sunken submarine mystery solved

National Grid engineers find ‘sea monster attack’ U-boat

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National Grid Grain LNR workers

Hall for one and one for hall

Grid volunteers clean up

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harvest mouse

Of mice and man

Joined up thinking to save threatened species

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Search for the stars… and Santa

Time to take stock

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robin on a gatepost

Picture perfect

Your best shots - plus 8 things you never knew about robins

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New Forest in autumn

For your eyes only

Hands off the fungi

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Bee aware!

… before it’s too late

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NHS logo

Peak performing hospitals

The health chiefs turning to smart energy

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Pylons over farm land

Safer together

Meet the man getting us home unscathed

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Ready for fright night?

Gridline's grantor ghost guide

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